Еlectronic document management systems implementation.
Business automation systems implementation.


Document flow is the basic part of every enterprise’s activity. The majority of business-processes are accompanied with documents, otherwise - important management instruments. Therefore, workflow automation is not only a means of internal processes optimization, but a necessary measure under conditions of fierce market competition. Document flow automation provides new capabilities of workflow acceleration and technical environment for moving ahead of the competitors in addressing current challenges and taking strategic decisions. ECM system deployment will enable maximum benefit from the transition to electronic document system with minimal investments in IT infrastructure.



SG-GR company professionals provide complex software implementation and configuration support. We are experienced implementers of high-scale document flow management systems for public (Russia’s nuclear power generation corporation “Rosatom”, Russian uranium mining company “ARMZ Uranium Holding Co.”, Federal Financial Monitoring Service of Russia) and private sector organizations.


Within a short time we will install electronic document management system and make it ready for operation in your environment, perform routine dictionaries configuration, set access privileges and roles within the system. We are capable of organizing in-house training of users and administrators, developing educational materials and presentations, providing “on site” technical support in your office.